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Championing the future of photography.


A new way to discover, collect and learn about the medium of photography. We’re shining a spotlight on the best photographic talent through exhibiting and collecting NFTs from the seminal to breakthrough artists of tomorrow.

Unbiased. Green. Advocates.


We advise artists on best practices for their work on the blockchain, including minting, presentation, and ownership of their own smart contract.


We are committed to being carbon neutral and offset all minting costs when we launch an artist’s work.


We collect work from the photographers we support and are their advocates throughout the NFT collecting community.

A selection of artists we’ve supported:

Alphabetical Order

Eman Ali

Christopher Anderson

Jonas Bendiksen

David Brandon Geeting

Guy Bourdin

Alejandro Cartagena

Elinor Carucci

Pelle Cass

Kevin Cooley

Gregory Crewdson

John Divola

Mitch Epstein

Roe Etheridge

Tania Franco Klein

Fernando Gallegos

Jim Goldberg

Katy Grannan

Caroline Gutman

Gregory Halpern

Todd Hido

Pieter Hugo

Lorenzo Meloni

Joel Meyerowitz

Cristina de Middel

László Moholy-Nagy

Prisca Munkeni Monnier

Matthew Porter

Luá Ribeira

August Sander

Alessandra Sanguinetti

Laurie Simmons

Larry Sultan

Joel Sternfeld

Chadwick Tyler

Penelope Umbrico

Carlo Van De Roer

Summer Wagner

Hannah Whitaker

Hank Willis Thomas

Amy Woodward


Founded and funded by photographers, curators, gallerists and collectors.

Core Team:

Alejandro Cartagena


Chadwick Tyler


Christopher McCall


Fernando Gallegos


Frederic Arnal


James Gilbert




Caroline Gutman


Holly Hay


Advisory Board:

Cooper Ray


Darius Himes


Paula Ely

-(President PAC Board)